Stecia has been coaching me since I went through a major life transition. I closed my business, Harmonia, after 10 years. Her kind, strong support in navigating me through many creative ideas helped me form my new business direction.

Through meditation we were able to manifest and come to conclusive decisions that were formed by both of our energies working together. We had some awesome magical moments.

If you want to create the life you desire by creating powerful and subtle conscious shifts, I’d highly recommend working with the wise and magical Stecia.

You can have what you desire and by working with a guide/coach it comes much faster!

Jennifer A.

I feel so grateful to have found Stecia as a life coach. With her blend of talents, she has a unique approach that allowed me to not only feel more grounded in my life, but also supported in the varying goals that I was focused on. Her expertise in meditation helped support me with some tough situations. I would highly recommend working with Stecia during any important life transition. She got me through moving to a new state with a young family in Covid which is nothing short of incredible. 

Christina M.